Astra Program 2021

Igniting an Industry: Creating a Blueprint for Launch in Australia.​

Topic Overview

Astra is excited to announce our 2021 Astra Program topic: “Igniting an Industry: Creating a Blueprint for Launch in Australia.”
Launch capability in Australia is one of the challenges we face as an emerging space nation. Approaching this will require navigating law, policy and technology challenges with consideration of sustainability and socio-cultural impacts.

Australian Launch Industry Stakeholders

Roles You Might Play

Space Startup and Rocketry Companies

Similar to Gilmour Space Technologies or SpaceX

Government departments and law firms

Think DFAT, Defence, Intelligence

Academics and researchers

Conducting cutting edge research

Key Program Dates

The Astra Program is comprised of regularly occuring Assemblies lasting through December 2020 till March 2021
Two streams are available for participants dependent on their preferred availability.

Wednesday stream

December 2020

09/12/20 – Assembly 1

16/12/20 – Assembly 2

January 2021

13/01/21 – Assembly 3

27/01/21 – Assembly 4

February 2021

10/02/21 – Assembly 5

24/02/21 – Assembly 6

March 2021

10/03/21 – Assembly 7

31/03/21 – Assembly 8

sunday stream

December 2020

13/12/20 – Assembly 1

20/12/20 – Assembly 2

January 2021

17/01/21 – Assembly 3

31/01/21 – Assembly 4

February 2021

14/02/21 – Assembly 5

28/02/21 – Assembly 6

March 2021

14/03/21 – Assembly 7

04/04/21 – Assembly 8

Four Pillars

These pillars will guide participant discussions around this year's topic. Click on each for some related questions to prompt your thinking.
  • What technology will need to be developed to support the development of Launch Programs in Australia?

    • Can international collaboration assist with development?

    • What knock-on effects might occur as a result of the new sovereign capability?

  • How feasible are these developments? What is the current technology readiness level (TRL)?

  • What are the risks associated with developing this technology?

  • Will local flora and fauna be impacted by launch?

  • What is the environmental cost of sourcing materials for launch?

  • How can we ensure sovereign launch services are economically sustainable?

  • Is this industry sustainable in the long term? How are you considering future resource use?

    • Who are Australia’s long term customers?

  • Does the development of the industry align with current education systems and their goals?

  • How will this program impact the local community?

  • How will this program promote diversity and inclusion?

  • Does the program have community support?

    • How can the topic of launch be effectively communicated to the public? 

  • How are first nations land rights being taken into account? 

  • How will the existing legislation fare with a developing launch industry?

  • Will the launch comply with the Space (Launches and Returns) Act 2018 and its accompanying rules?

  • How will the launch comply with the relevant Environmental legislation?

  • Do you need to consider the Native Title Act 1993?

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