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Astra is spearheaded by an interdisciplinary team of capable youth leaders and young professionals.

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Olivia Sasse

Program Director

Olivia Sasse is studying a Bachelor of Law (Honours)/Bachelor of Arts degree at Monash University, majoring in Ancient History.

Olivia’s interest in the legal industry’s engagement with emerging technology grew from her studies in Australia’s regulation of biotechnology. Keen to explore the area further, and also indulge a childhood fascination with space born from watching Star Wars and Doctor Who with her brothers, Olivia participated in the inaugural ASTRA program. This year, she is excited to help other young Australians with non-STEM backgrounds to discover the breadth of the space industry and to realise that everyone has something to bring to the table.

Eleonor Logan-Cole


Eleonor Logan-Cole is studying a Bachelor of Aerospace Engineering (Honours)/Bachelor of Physics at the University of Sydney. She believes space is an incredibly powerful way to inspire humanity and to build a more innovative and sustainable future, and this drives her love for aerospace. Eleonor was a participant on the inaugural Astra program, and most recently a Team Coordinator. She has loved learning through the interdisciplinary nature of the program, and is very excited to continue this and support others to do so through this years program. Eleonor’s dream is to become an astronaut and to work in space, and continue to grow passion for Aerospace from within Australia and globally!

Zeina Shaheen

Communications Manager

Zeina Shaheen holds a Bachelor of Commerce (Business Law major) and is currently working towards a Bachelor of Advanced Studies (Honours – Space Law) and a Bachelor of Laws at the University of Sydney. She is a passionate advocate for the need for effective law making in ensuring the fair, sustainable and safe use of outer space. She is an alumna of the 2021 European Centre for Space Law (ECSL)/ European Space Agency (ESA) Summer Course on Space Law and Policy and is a mentee in the United Nations Office for Outer Space Affairs (UNOOSA) Space4Women mentorship program – 2021/2022 cohort. She wrote an article ‘Outer Space and the Future of the Law’ in the 7th edition of Law in Society Journal published by Sydney University Law Society.


Johnnathan Mak

Program manager

Johnnathan Mak studies a Bachelor of Mechatronics Engineering/Bachelor of Computer Science at The University of Sydney. His interest in space developed rapidly during high school, wherein I would procrastinate by watching an endless stream of space related videos like Neil deGrasse Tyson’s podcasts, or SpaceX launches at 4:00 am. The notion of exploring the unknown drew him towards the Space industry and he could not envision himself furthering his career into any other industry because of this. Johnnathan’s passion lies in space, and thus, he is keen to learn and involve myself in all of its facets, which is what motivates him to be apart of the Astra program. He also hopes to share his passion with lots of people in the near future.


Darcey Watson

Teams Manager

Darcey Watson is the Executive Officer of The Andy Thomas Space Foundation, a national Foundation committed to the education and engagement of students and young researchers within Australia’s growing space industry. She holds a Bachelor of Science (Biomedical Science) with a double major in Microbiology & Immunology and Biochemistry, as well as a first-class honours degree in Molecular and Biomedical Science focusing on ancient human viruses at the Australian Centre for Ancient DNA, through the University of Adelaide. Darcey is also the Chair of the Board of Directors for Spence Club Inc, a unique networking club for high-achieving professional women in South Australia and the co-founder and co-host of CoLab Society, a podcast and community focused on highlighting traditional and non-traditional science career pathways for females in South Australia. Darcey is extremely passionate about raising the profile of space, science and technology innovation within Australia.

Jennifer Williams

Program Coordinator

Jennifer Williams holds a Bachelor of Business (marketing major) from Swinburne University and is working towards a Bachelor of Engineering (Mechatronics) (Honours) at the University of Southern Queensland. Jenny has always had an interest in space, but couldn’t find many opportunities to break into the sector when she was young. Many years later, she was inspired again to pursue a career in the growing industry. She has since pursued several pilot qualifications and is finishing her engineering degree with the hope to one day work in space. Jenny participated in the 2021/2022 Astra Program and is looking forward to helping other keen individuals grow in their chosen fields.





Gian Magdaluyo


Gian Magdaluyo currently studies and attends Juris Doctor at Monash University Faculty of Law.

 Gian had been part of the 2021/22 ASTRA Program where he been part of developing recommendations for the innovation and economic growth of Australia space industry. Though he also holds a BA in Criminal Justice, and comes from a non-STEM related background, he is passionate about the exponential potential young people have in shaping Australia’s future in the space industry and is excited to be a part of their journey.

 It is a strong belief Gian holds that reaching past standard expectations and breaking stereotypes is not a desire, but a fundamental necessity to become not only a better person, but as a better leader for future generations. 


Khushi Daga

Program Coordinator

Khushi Daga is studying a Bachelor of Advanced Science in Physics and Palaeoscience at the University of New South Wales. She has worked at the Sydney Observatory as a Science Communicator, with Blue Marble Space Institute of Science as a Research Associate and is an alumna of the 2020 Introduction to Astrobiology Course at Amity University.

With a keen interest in the evolutionary history of the universe and early life, Khushi naturally gravitated towards a fascination with space science. Allured by the endless unknowns of space, she believes harnessing the interdisciplinary nature of the industry holds the key to devising the next stages of space exploration.

As a participant of last year’s ASTRA, this year Khushi is eager to create a treasured experience for other aspiring young professionals like her and help connect and amplify youth voices to the growing Industry.

Shaghaf Abu Mustafa


Shaghaf Abumustafa is  studying Mechanical Engineering (Aerospace Major) at the University of Adelaide.

Growing up, she was always fascinated and intrigued by the stars and celestial objects of the universe. Physics was her favourite subject in High School. It was particularly the topics revolving around Einstein’s famous theory of Relativity and Space-Time that inspired Shaghaf to pursue a career in Space.

Shaghaf grew up being the only one of her friends and family who was passionate about Space. That’s why when Shaghaf started her undergraduate studies, she joined the Adelaide University Space Society (AUSS) – AKA her Space Family :).

This helped her grow connections with Space Enthusiasts and professionals, and land a job at the Australian Space Discovery Centre! All of this then lead to Shaghaf finding out about the ASTRA program and the opportunity to be in a diverse committee dedicated to inspiring young Australians and encouraging involvement in the Space Industry!