This Year's Program

Three Teams, Three Topics

Astra Participants are divided into three teams to address three different space issues. This year's topics are described below.

Empowering Australia’s Space Industry: Promoting Diversity, Equality, and Excellence

Australia should cultivate a thriving space industry that embraces diversity and equality in order to provide equal opportunities for all aspiring and capable individuals. This topic considers early exposure programs, an inclusive curriculum, scholarships, industry partnerships, mentorship initiatives, and internships. Through diversity, Australia will drive innovation and excellence in its space sector and foster greater interest and engagement among individuals from diverse backgrounds, ensuring they become tomorrow’s space pioneers.

Utilising Space Technologies for the Betterment of Life on Earth

Space is a unique and challenging environment that drives the development of new technologies, facilitates novel research, and necessitates new policies and programs. These advancements bring tangible benefits to terrestrial health, the environment, education, manufacturing, and many other areas. Space holds immeasurable potential to enhance our lives and society in remarkable ways. Recognizing the importance of space to improve our lives, our society and our future is an important first step in uplifting the space industry and ensuring popular support for public and private investments in space.

Ensuring the Resilience of Australia’s Critical Space Infrastructure

The resiliency of space infrastructure encompasses secure and adaptable systems, on the ground and in space. Their ability to withstand present and future challenges ensures uninterrupted and secure operations for all stakeholders, including civilians, commercial and defence entities. Operations include everyday functions such as GPS, banking and telecommunications and many others. In light of the emergence of contested space, Australia should do more to secure its critical space infrastructure so the benefits provided for by the space industry can be enjoyed now and into the future.

Key Program Dates

The Astra Program is comprised of regularly occuring Assemblies lasting through the summer.
Assemblies will run on the Tuesday of each respective week, from 7-9pm AEST.


Workshop dates coming soon…

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