The Astra Program

What is the Astra Program?

The Astra Program is an AYAA initiative which provides tertiary students and young professionals of all disciplines an opportunity to learn about important issues in the Australian space industry. 

In 8 workshops over the summer, participants gain valuable knowledge of Australia’s space sectors, connect in one-on-one dialogue with space professionals, and provide ideas for the future of the industry.

Events in the program include:

🚀 Industry presentations and panel

📡 Social and networking events

💫 Working group sessions

🛰 Presentations to Industry

Time commitment
How many hours per week is the Astra Program?
2-3 hours per week between December and March. However, we encourage participants to be flexible and allow for some additional work towards the end of the program for the white paper.
What do you do in the workshops?
Every workshop is different but will include brainstorming, debate and role play within your team. You can also expect industry involvement in the form of presentations, Q&A's and reviews.
How does the role play fit into the program?
We use role play to help program participants see issues from different perspectives. You may be assigned to a politician or industry professional and represent their view in a discussion about space policy.
Am I suited to the program?
If you are a tertiary student or young professional with a passion for the Australian space sector you are eligible. No prerequisite knowledge is required but a willingness to learn is. We do accept overseas candidates, though priority is given to those living in Australia.
Networking opportunities
What networking opportunities will I have?
You will have ample opportunity for peer-to-peer networking during the workshops and social events. Additionally, you will have a number of industry representatives that you can speak with at the workshops.
What is the output of the program?
Teams submit recommendations to key space stakeholders in the form of a white paper and a public presentation. This white paper is published and distributed by the AYAA.

Why join the Astra Program?

Whether you are looking to make new connections, learn about the industry, or you want to make a difference to the growing Australian space ecosystem, Astra is the place to be.

Program Timeline

Participant Recruitment
Join the fun
Program Begins
Lift off!
Program Finishes
Mission success
October, 2021
December, 2021
March, 2022

How do I stay in the loop?

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Astra's Four Pillars

Each year the Astra Program is guided by its Four Pillars that ensure a rounded approach to our participant's learnings and the program's outcomes. These also serve to guide discussions and prompt thinking.
Click below to view some general questions related to space.
  • What space technology does Australia currently have? 

  • What is Australia’s current launch capability?

  • What are the risks associated with developing space technology?

  • Are local flora and fauna impacted by launches in Australia?

  • What is the environmental cost of sourcing materials needed for the space industry?

  • Is this industry sustainable in the long term? 

  • Does the development of the space industry align with current education systems and their goals?

  • Are Indigenous Australians consulted before new launch areas and other developments are initiated?

  • How will the growing space industry impact the local community?

  • How will space initiatives promote diversity and inclusion?

  • How can space endevours be effectively communicated to the public? 

  • How will existing legislation fare with a developing space industry?

  • What are the legalities surrounding space endevours in Australia?

  • What policy changes are needed to strengthen the industry?

Astra is an AYAA initiative

The AYAA is a not-for-profit organisation managed by student volunteers and young professionals. Their objective is promoting education, awareness, and involvement of young people in the aerospace and aeronautics industry across Australia.

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