The Astra Program

The Astra Program

The Astra Program is the Australian Youth Aerospace Association’s unique take on the traditional concept of working groups. Interdisciplinary teams will be presented with multifaceted scenarios in the Australian space domain, and will engage with one another and our industry partners in discussions to address the arising challenges.

Participants of the program are allocated a scenario and adopt a ficticious profile. You might be a representative from an international space agency, a domestic university, or the CEO of a multinational corporation. Whoever you are you will get to see the space domain from a unique perspective but also provide the Australian community with your vision and ideas for the future. 

Who can get involved?

The Astra Program is designed for tertiary students and young professionals of any given background who are interested in a career related to/in the Australian space industries. Whether you are an engineer, a lawyer, a consultant or just someone who loves rockets and planes, there is a place for you at Astra.

Program Timeline

Astra will run entirely online, beginning in December 2021 and running through to March 2022.

Participant applications will open in early October 2020.

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How do I stay in the loop?

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Astra is an AYAA initiative

The AYAA is a not-for-profit organisation managed by student volunteers and young professionals, with the objective of  promoting education, awareness, and involvement in the aerospace and aeronautics industry to people across Australia.

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